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♬ 1st English Fanbase for Roy Kim Sang Woo ♬
Winner of Superstar K4 ♥ 03/12/12
Twitter/Instagram @Roykim_soul

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Profile /

Profile Of Roy Kim - Winner of Superstar K4!

Stage Name: Roy Kim 로이킴

Real Name: Kim Sang Woo 김상우

Birthday: 3rd July 1993

Nickname:  쌈닭 (Korean term for a “fighter”)

Hometown: Gangnam-su,Seoul South Korea

Education: Asheville School (NC)

Family: 1 sister and parents (Father is now CEO of Seoul Takju,he was once prof. of Hongik University)

Height: 176-178cm (known to be?)

Blood Type: A

Horoscope: Cancer

Favorite Music Genre: Acoustic,Folk Rock

Favorite Singer: James Morrison,Damien Rice

Ideal Type: Han Hye-Jin,Jessica Alba,Im Soo Jung

His fans are known as ‘Royals’.

Click here for Roy’s Twitter,Fb etc (is at ‘Links’ Page)!

Facts About Roy

  1. Rainbow’s Jung Yoon Hye is his cousin
  2. Childhood Dream is to be a Comedian
  3. Accepted to Georgetown University as a Business Major before auditioning for Superstar k4
  4. Love to sing during his leisure time
  5. Post cover video on his Youtube channel (roykimmusic)
  6. Clara C is one of his biggest inspirations (both music and personality)
  7. Christmas,he wishes to hold hands with his girlfriend and walk by the beach
  8. He feels that there are no boundaries in love,he do not care about age when it comes to love relationship
  9. During his 8th grade years, his mother caught him watching porn
  10. His 1st love is Jewelry past member Park Jung Ah
  11. He was the president of his class for 4 years
  12. Participated in soccer and swimming when he was a freshman in Asheville School
  13. Donated his prize (a large sum of money) won in Superstar k4 to charity
  14. Passing By (스쳐간다) is written by Roy to comfort his friend who broke up with his girlfriend
  15. Roy almost didn’t make it through his initial audition. After his performance of “Volcano” by Damien Rice, the judges asked Kim to also sing something in Korean. After a long, dramatic TV anticipation pause, judge Lee Ha Neul gave Kim a ‘Super Pass’ so he could continue on Superstar K.
  16. Being in top four(Superstar k4), he gotten a Nissan Cube
  17. Attended MAMA 2012 at Hong Kong
  18. Debut on 30th Nov 2012 (MAMA)
  19. He participated in Chorus, Chamber Choir, and musical productions as a student. He frequently serenaded the school during convocations and talent shows, and founded the school’s a capella group – the Ashefellaz.
  20. He had his first kiss when he was a sophomore(10th grade) in high school on a set of stairs
  21. Roy has a 12 year old dog named Sancho (a Maltese)
  22. His quote:  ”We all have goals, but not all of us have the drive. Your dreams are there to not only dream them, but to catch them. Follow your dream more aggressively. If you do so, you’ll soon find yourself within you.”

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